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Teknicolour Smoof – Dinsdale, Monmoth, Anderson, Swift, Brown, Milton, Miyagi, Pollard, Graham, Hylton, Farrell, Pagett, Pearson and Nightingale Bros (MC)

08/12/15: THE CROWN INN (our first ever show reviewed by another)


Last night I was at Roger Swift’s Teknicolour Smoof gig at the Crown Inn of Telford. This gig has a splendidly quirky name, that tickles me every time I see it. This is also a gig I’ve wanted to go to for a long time, but due to the fact that it is located in Middle-Earth or some place, I’ve not been. It seems miles away from home. In fact, I was only able to attend it due to a car share with Jon Pearson. I’d never been to Telford prior to this. I was aware that it was a new town, somewhere between Birmingham and Wales, but beyond that, the place was a mystery. I was pleasantly surprised by the venue. The Crown Inn isn’t a new pub. It was actually built in 1835 and has a lovely solid feel to it. The audience (sold out at £2 a ticket…

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