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12/05/15: THE CROWN INN

First review I’ve written in a while, recently our Dawley venue has been put on hiatus for the time being meaning some of the regular punters from that one came over to this one instead plus all the regulars and more new faces meaning it was our highest ever turnout for this gig with every seat in the front room filled. 10 acts booked with an east midlands car full and a London car full both of whom had to replace some acts on the day. I don’t like to be a judgemental arse these days, which doesn’t mean I can’t be though. I’d be lying if I didn’t of course have my own criteria and what I personally think makes a good comedian/set of comedy material which I could use and make clear across each of the acts on any teknicolour smoof gig if I really wanted to but I like to think I’m open minded enough to see past what I think and see what punters like etc and at least have some idea of what I should re-book etc. So I’m not going to write out a judgemental review of each act this time I’ll spare them all my praise and/or wrath.

Tonight though it’s fair to say the star of the show was the compere Nick Clarke though, a regular compere of this gig because the crowd here love him and it’s a no brainer to have him as the compere as often as possible at this gig. Such a lovely likable man on and off stage that puts the crowd at ease. Rather blue with his material at times but here the like the blue/dirty stuff at this gig, because 4 of the acts were booked blind for this I didn’t realise I was going to have 10 acts with 4 of them being deadpan! Any gig like this needs something of a mixture of styles and the gig lacked someone with a bit of umph! or Energy (if they hadn’t all seen my standard set already I would have been a good one to inject the needed energy into this gig in truth….well me or Johnny Sorrow)

The London car full consisted of Nig Lovell, Si Deaves, Red Richardson and Simon Caine (Laughing Horse Finalist! – That generally means, they are not going to be shit to those in the industry) not gong to judge each act but will comment that Nig Lovell stood out the most of them because he’d done his homework with some material about the local area that played very well to this crowd. Alex Hylton did some new material with some nice ideas in it and Stoney Coleman (who runs FAF promotions comedy nights across the midlands) made his smoof debut but he tried doing his set deadpan tonight and it worked pretty well for him. (Just let down by the fact 4 of the 10 on were deadpan). I’d given Colin Harris an impossible topic of The voynich manuscript ( for this show which he had turned into 8 minutes of material about the middle ages but kudos to him for getting something out of it all. Nigel Needham who had been a crowd favourite back in January was back again to try some new material and was asked to close the room this time and was the best choice for the job. 4th deadpan act of night but still the strongest and the best crowd pleaser it has to be said.

All in all it was a successful night, but it was a bit mundane in that virtually no-one bombed but no one came and stood out and took the roof off either but we sold 7 tickets on the way out from punters who wanted to come back so gig is a keeper and in good shape and will get better when we start having the paid closers and slightly fewer open spots from September onwards.