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The Crown Inn: 09/09/14

So after the highly successful run of the Telford Fringe in July and an entertainment free pub throughout august. It was a return of the standard format Comedy & Curry night and this is a gig that we just couldn’t get going for nearly 2 years and we came ‘this’ close to calling a day then it suddenly turned it around and an audience has grown since and this month the tickets sold like hot cakes… (see the late George Carlins great bit on that stupid expression) but our small back room was oversold and we were forced to move into the main front room for this one. On the night it couldn’t have been fuller because I don’t think we’ve ever so many in and it’s fair to say they were overall lovely tonight. A real mix bag of ages but nearly all of them up for a laugh. Tonight I had 9 acts booked with much switching around in the days running up to it but only 1 drop a few hours before the gig left us with 8 but that was still too many as we seriously overran in terms of time.

Wayne Beese was our guest compere for the evening tonight (Teknicolour Smoof – One To Watch 2013) and he’s an act who started out just over a year ago and has really stuck at it and improved vastly in that time. He really has his comedy persona down now although it doesn’t lent it self to mc’ing too well but he has the made jump into compering (something I have foolishly blocked myself into a corner over even after 5 years of gigging) but he has something I don’t have and that is the great ability to banter/notice stuff going on around him and come up with stuff on the fly that really get the audience on his side, he’ll get better as an act and a compere the more he gigs. Steve Haze was our opening act tonight and I’d heard a lot of positive things about him and he didn’t disappoint. I used to think having a one liner (or very gag based) comedians as an opener was a bad idea. Even so acts like mine will never be ‘natural’ opening act material but Haze is one those gag based acts that isn’t one liner per say but close that. He’s sort of mick miller-ish and naturally really wouldn’t be something the ‘industry bods’ would ever try to market but here he was the PERFECT choice to open with this crowd as he really got them going. Wewill be re-booking him. Phill Burden was on his fourth ever gig tonight and it really showed and of course we all had to start somewhere but my advice to him is it’s too laid back, it’s need more energy and needs more punch lines. Closing the first section was Danny Davies who is still pretty new and far from the finished product he could be but is now coming on leaps and bounds and really on form tonight because he got the laughs he deserved with nice crafted stories and great punch lines. This crowd wanted punch lines and dirty stuff and he matchd up that mood fairly well. His material is getting very good but it obviously still needs trimming and to be more punchy.

Robert Kemp was first after the break and I’m a fan of his act but he is very much a ‘comedians comedian’ or ‘meta comedian’ but we had a nice crowd tonight and from where I was standing in the corridor he very much seemed to split the room down the middle with his intelligent word perfect monologue about the lost prophets and perspective. I had to beg him to do his ‘Zombie Comedy Night’ bit but he agreed and still think it’s his best bit of material by far (sorry mate it just is) makes me laugh until it hurts personally. Audience went for it on the night too so I was right on that one. John let me rebook him for dawley (finally) too. Steven Bell in the middle of the middle who’s one of those acts who just hasn’t quite found his voice yet, sort of gag based but not at the same time, would like to see how he develops if he keeps going. Michael Crump closed this section making his Teknicolour Smoof debut and you know when an act comes along and is an instant natural comedian? doesn’t have to write much material because every audience they get instantly loves them? Mike’s one of those acts. A complete natural who’ll be on the TV within the next 5 years and tonight he brought the house down. If you run a gig and haven’t booked him get him on while you still can. 🙂 John pretty much demanded we book him for dawley but didn’t disagree for a second.

Time was really getting on and we still had two more acts to go. Toni Mullender who lives up the road from the gig asked if she could come and have a go and I’d really like to review her first gig properly but sadly someone knocked over the video camera 1 minute into her act and I had to run in and take it out from the room meaning I missed it live and couldn’t watch the video back afterwards so really can’t review it… arggh! She was getting laughs though so the audience were nice to her which is great. Dave Tomlinson closed the night and despite gigging with him a lot he hadn’t done this gig in well over a year. He’s an act who really hasn’t changed his material very much since starting but has got much more confident with it and added onto it a lot. He is a low energy story teller and his delivery is extremely slow and really drawn out but it is very well written and most of his punch lines are great when he does drop them. Still not a safe act though because it’ll never ever work on rowdy audiences as it requires an audience where he’s got their complete full attention for it to work but he had that here and he had a great response. Have also booked him for Dawley

GREAT NIGHT, just hope we can keep the audience level up this high for the future. Here’s to next month.